College Campus Student Tours

We are an industry leading student travel tour company, with over 40 years of experience! We know what a huge impact a campus tour can make to the future of your students. Deciding which school to visit can be a monumental task and take countless hours of planning and be very costly. Let us take the hassle out of it and help your students explore some of the top universities in the country. With our wealth of knowledge we can create a customized itinerary that gets the most out of each day. Tours can range from a 2 day/1 night visit up to a 6 day/5 night tour.

Here’s How The Process Works

Step 1: Contact an IST Educational Tours Representative. Together you will develop a travel itinerary that meets your budget and travel needs.

Step 2: Shortly after your initial meeting, you will receive a customized quote for review. The price quote will detail your itinerary and all tour inclusions. At this time, the itinerary can be adjusted as needed.

Step 3: Once you approve the price quote and sign the letter of intent, we will provide you all the necessary marketing materials to begin promoting your tour.

Step 4: Promoting your tour is simple! All you need to do is advertise the the tour, distribute the materials to your students, and establish an Initial Deposit Deadline. This is also a good time for you to host a parent meeting to address any questions about the tour. If needed, an IST Educational Representative is available to assist with that meeting.

Step 5: Initial Deposit payments can be collected as a group or individually mailed to our corporate office. Additionally, our on-line registration portal is conveniently available on our website’s home page under the “Book Now” tab. Once we receive the initial deposits or purchase order, we will begin booking your groups travel arrangements.

Step 6: We offer a variety of convenient progress payment plans to meet each groups budget. Like the initial deposits, progress payments can be made individually on a monthly basis or can be mailed in bulk by the school on behalf of all travelers. We are also happy to provide invoices directly to schools. Speak with IST Educational Tours to find out what works best for you!

Step 7: Our Customer Service Team will be on hand to answer any questions and assist with any account related inquiries. You will be updated with monthly group rosters and any other information you may require.

Step 8: An IST Educational Tours Confirmation Packet will be sent to the lead chaperone a few days prior to departure. This will include all the complete tour details as well as information on all of your appointments. A final itinerary, contact information, and packing guidelines will also be included for distribution to your parents.

Step 9: Travel! Enjoy the tour with with with the assistance of a professional tour director and 24-hour IST Educational Tours staff support.

Step 10: Our goal is to consistently provide high quality educational tours for all our student groups. In an effort to continuously improve our services, we like to hear from our group leaders by completing the tour survey at the conclusion of your tour.